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Anti Type Ⅳ Collagen NC1 domain Monoclonal Antibody

K35MONO stain only failure renal, does not stain healthy renal and recovery renal in indirect immunofluorescence staining. (It was confirmed in monkey and human) Patent.US, EU, JP
Mouse anti-K35 monoclonal antibody
Fig.1   Control
Fig.2   Anti-GBM nephritis (No.2301)
Rabbit anti-K35 polyclonal antibody
Fig.3   Control
Fig.4   Anti-GBM nephritis (No.2301)
Rabbit anti-K34 polyclonal antibody
Fig.5   Control
Fig.6   Anti-GBM nephritis (No.2301)
Hidekazu Shigematsu et al. Granulomatous tubulointerstitial nephritis induced by sensitization of non-collagenous domains. World Congerss of Nephrology. June 8-12. 2003 Berlin.
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