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Collagen Research Center 

NC1 domain of type Ⅳ collagen

K35  NC1

Description: NC1 domain of type IV collagen isolated

                    from bovine glomerular basement membrane.


Quantity:         1 mg/ml solution in PBS

Storage:    Store below -20°C (below -40°C for

                    prolonged storage) 


Stability:    1 year


Surce:       Bovine kidney glomerular basement membrane

Induction of glomerulonephritis model.
A glomerulonephritis model [K35 nephritis] is prepared in monkeys, rats and other animals.

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K35 MONO Anti Type Ⅳ Cllagen NC1 domain Monoclonal Antibody


Aoyagi D., et al. (2010) Granulomatous transformation of capillary lesions in pulmonary-renal syndrome autologously induced anti-glomerular basement membrane disease in Wistar-Kyoto rats. 14(2):123-31.

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